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Applied Behaviour Analysis

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy is a scientific approach which focuses on helping your loved one change behaviour in meaningful ways. From developing socially significant behaviours to removing and/or reducing challenging ones, our Clinical Team creates programs that are backed by evidence based research. Using our knowledge, expertise and experience in the field we  help your loved one reach their goals.  

ABA is used for children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities to address significant behaviours. Our Clinical Team can assist your loved one in developing communication, fine and gross motor skills, social skills, play skills, academics, self-help skills (ie. toileting, feeding, hygiene). We can also help your loved one with behaviour needs which include but are not limited to: refusal, aggression, self-injurious behaviours. 

Personalized to individual needs

To ensure the needs of the program are tailored to your loved one’s needs we conduct an assessment based on the identified goals. If you are unsure of what your loved one needs support in or where to start we can help you navigate these areas too! We work closely with you and your loved one create a program that will meet them where they are at!  

Where can I receive Renewed Therapy support?

Our therapy services are available throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We offer support in your loved one’s home as well as in the community (i.e. daycare) or in spaces that would be meaningful for your loved one’s learning.


Benefits of In Centre Therapy

We believe in-centre therapy is effective as it creates more access to peers which creates more opportunities for social interaction and imitation of appropriate peer behaviour. It is a positive  setting for generalization of skills in a setting that is less familiar than the home environment. It also provides the opportunity for your loved one to practice following classroom routines which may increase the likelihood of transitioning to school environments more easily. There is always the opportunity to integrate in home services when appropriate to support generalization and skill building. It also provides an opportunity for your loved one to make the transition from 1:1 to group learning environments. Accessing in-centre therapy also can assist in helping your loved one adjust more easily to new people and new situations.

Benefits of In-Home Therapy

We believe therapy is most effective when provided within your loved one’s home where you or other key persons  can be directly involved. Home based therapy allows your loved one to learn the skills directly in their natural environment which is where majority of their time is spent. Our home based therapy allows for more flexibility to receive the therapy when it works for you. We collaborate with your schedule offering therapy during the day, evenings as well as on weekends. With the individualized plans in place we help your loved one build needed skills to help them transition into community, school and/or work settings.