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Renewed Respite

If you have ever felt like you needed a break or wanted your loved one to gain additional support in their home or community our Renewed Respite Program is for you. This program services children, youth and adults with disabilities. We work with you and your loved one and assist them in meeting their goals and creating new experiences.  Our respite program helps your loved one build skills, confidence and access their potential. 

 It provides an opportunity for you to rest, spend time with others, take time for yourself or do anything you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do. Some of our families use respite to go out for coffee with friends, have a date night or even watch one of their other kids’ sports games.  While they are gone they are reassured their loved one is being well taken care of. You don’t always have to be going out or away to receive respite. Some of our families use respite to get things done around the house or even to take a nap. Respite support has proven to maintain caregiver health and well-being.

While you have needed “me time” your loved one also has the opportunity to have fun, develop new relationships, build and focus on personal growth and skills while receiving quality care from our experienced and caring team.


Where can I receive respite?


Our Renewed Respite program is provided throughout the Greater Toronto Area and is offered in the comfort of your own home as well as in the community.

It is available anytime you need on a 24/7 basis. Whether it be a weekend, day, couple hours or a night our Respite workers are available to meet you and your loved one’s needs. 

Who provides the respite care?

Our respite team is full of passionate professionals who have years of educational and direct experience assisting those with disabilities.  Our respite workers focus on your loved one’s goals and develop plans around the goal to provide an enriching respite experience. 

How do I find a respite worker?

With our program, you do not have to worry about finding a worker and going through the hiring process. We complete the process for you and connect a worker to your loved one that is most suited to assist them in achieving their goals and meeting their needs. 


Is there funding available for this program?

There is funding available to assist with covering costs for respite support. If your loved one is 18 and below with a disability, they are eligible for Special Services At Home (SSAH). If your loved one is over 18 years old with a disability they are eligible for Passport Funding. 

Special Services at Home:

Passport Funding: