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Welcome to Renewed Family Services

Where we help individuals with disabilities reach their full potential

Supporting children, youth and adults with disabilities in Peel and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Who we are

Fostering support to enhance overall quality of life

We inspire hope, strength and support by creating lifelong changes to each individual we service through our individualized programs. With our support, each person who utilizes our services builds confidence, and positive relationships and develops new skills that enhance their quality of life.


We listen well to our clients and react quickly/


We wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to providing our best to our clients.


When individuals utilize our service, they leave feeling empowered, hopeful and well-supported.


We continuously seek ways to enhance our services in order to better serve our clients.

How To Get Started

Fill out our inquiry form

Ready to embark on your journey? Fill out our inquiry form today.

Our team will contact you

Our dedicated team will be in touch with you to guide you through our process.

Start the process of accessing services

We pave the way for your personalized therapy journey to commence.

Empowering individuals to reach their potential by meeting them where they are

Renewed Respite

Gain access to personalized one-on-one support either at home or within the community for your loved one. This provides them with opportunities to develop new relationships, participate in diverse activities, and accomplish their goals, while affording you the chance to rejuvenate or rest.

Renewed ABA/IBI Therapy

Access personalized ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and IBI (Intensive Behavioral Intervention) therapy tailored to your loved one's needs. Through this therapy, they can acquire and master meaningful skills that foster independence and improve their overall quality of life.

Centre Based Respite Program

Experience recreational fun and relaxation at our centre respite, filled with engaging activities and games for your child's enjoyment. Join our drop-off program every other Saturday, allowing your child to socialize with peers while giving you the opportunity to recharge and unwind.

Parent Caregiver Consultation/ Coaching

Empower yourself with our Parent Caregiver Consultation. Gain insights, strategies, and support tailored to your unique needs.

Social Skills Group Programs

Connect, share, and thrive in our social skills programs. A supportive space for your child to build friendships, explore topics together, and grow confidently.

Speech Therapy Program

Get ready for the launch of our upcoming speech therapy program, tailored to support individuals facing challenges with speech, communication, and language skills.

Why Choose Us?

We recognize the distinctiveness of each individual and acknowledge their unique needs. We refrain from applying a one-size-fits-all approach, understanding that everyone is different.

Our support is tailored to meet individuals where they currently
stand and assist them in reaching their desired goals.


Join Our Community!

Ready to take the next step? Contact us today to begin your journey towards growth and well-being.