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Parent / Caregiver Consultation Program

For parents and caregivers looking for information on ABA strategies but don’t need the individualized training, this program is for you.

When you register in this program, you gain access to information sessions with our Behaviour Consultants to learn about different ABA strategies that will help your loved one meet their goals. You receive printable resources on topics specific to the ABA strategies you would like to learn about and practice!


Parent / Caregiver Coaching Program

Many parents and caregivers who receive ABA therapy have a hard time understanding and implementing the therapy on their own without the help of the therapists.

When you join this program, you access one to one coaching with our Behaviour Analysts who work closely with you to learn how to implement different ABA teaching strategies that are meaningful to your loved one’s learning.

With this program you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to implement therapeutic strategies to see your loved one grow. We work with you at your own pace and book sessions at times that are convenient for you and your loved one. You receive printable resources to provide you with all the tools needed to help your loved one succeed.