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Teen Talk Social Skills Group

Our 8 week Teen Talk Social Skills Program is available for registration!
This program services teens aged 14-18 years old and will be offered at our centre in Brampton.

Using evidence based strategies, this program will provide the opportunity for participants to further develop social skills based on their individual needs.

Focus areas your teen will have support in consist of:

  • Staying on topic
  • Initiating conversations
  • Maintaining a conversation
  • Exiting a conversation
  • Non-verbal body language cues
  • Engaging in group games & activities
  • Cooperation and Compromising.

Our Teen Talk social program is data driven to be able to track your teen’s progress throughout the program and will be facilitated by trained and qualified ABA Behaviour Therapists to maximize your teen’s learning and development.

Our program will be offered once per week beginning the first week of October 2023. Each session duration is 2 hours.

To secure your teen’s spot, a payment of $835 will cover your teen for the 8 weeks.
For next steps, click the link below and register today.
We look forward to supporting your teen!

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